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Halal Food Authority Endorses Citroxx

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Halal Food AuthorityEndorsed by the Halal Food Authority and a recommended supplier for cleansing products and materials including organic disinfectants, sterilising fluid, food sprays, hand gels & soaps
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"Citrox - natural disinfectant
Recommendation: An already well established product that does not merit further consideration by the Panel (recommendation 6)"
Department of Health / Health Protection Agency December 2004.

"Animal Health. Diseases of Animals (Approved Disinfectants) Order 2006
Order in respect of which use is approved…for Citrox BC."
DEFRA. Statutory Instruments 2006 No. 1394

"The impressive results Citroxx do not appear to come with any penalties. Because Citroxx is made from naturally occurring ingredients that have been tried and tested since the 1930's, we already have a lot of data on bioflavinoids and their power. Citroxx increases this effectiveness via a complex of fruit acids, and offers great potential for the future."
Dr Gail Darlington, Consultant, Epsom General Hospital, UK.

Trevor Stone, Professor of Pharmacology at Glasgow University (author of 13 books and over 300 publications) says that "Citroxx is one of the most effective biocides I have encountered. I do believe that its full efficacy has yet to be realised and I am excited by the potential."

A number of independent research laboratories worldwide have tested for a wide range of antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal effects to prove Citroxx efficiency. These laboratories include:

  • Retroscreen Laboratories, England
  • Abbott Analytical, England
  • BIM, Ireland
  • CAL (Chemical Analysis Laboratories), Ireland
  • Bacteria Solution, South Africa
  • Liverpool University, England
  • Veterinary Laboratories Agency, England
  • Forsyth Institute, USA
  • Swift Micro Laboratories, South Africa
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