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Clean Hands Guide

As over 80% of germs are passed by dirty hands, it is not surprising that a lot of attention in hospitals and restaurants is focussed on a clean hands policy. Correct hand protection is of paramount importance to good hygiene and below we illustrate how hands can be protected effectively with a hand sanitiser. CitroxxTM hand sanitiser can be used to kill dangerous germs without washing with soap and water. Or, alternatively, CitroxxTM offers long lasting protection after washing.

step 1
Palm to palm.
step 2
Right palm over back of left hand and left palm over back of right hand.
step 3
Palm to palm with bent spread out fingers.
step 4
Outer parts of fingers on the opposite palm, with fingers bent.
step 5
Circular rubbing of the left thumb in closed right hand and vice versa.
step 6
Circular rubbing backwards and forwards with closed right hand fingertips in left palm, and vice versa.
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