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MRSA Symptoms

MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is a bacterium from the Staphylococcus aureus family.

One third of us carry it on the surface of our skin or in our nose without ever developing an infection - this is known as being 'colonised' by the bacteria. However, if this bacteria gets into the body (perhaps through a break in the skin) infections such as boils, abscesses, or impetigo can occur. Bloodstream infections can be more serious.

In hospitals every year, at least 1000 people die in England alone of MRSA.

MRSA symptoms depend on the type of infection they cause.

Most Staph. Aureus infections are skin infections, including:

  • boils (pus-filled infections of hair follicles),
  • abscesses (collections of pus in pockets under the skin),
  • styes (infection of glands in the eyelid),
  • carbuncles (infections larger than an abscess, usually with several openings to the skin),
  • cellulitis (infection of the skin and the fat and tissues that lie immediately beneath it), and
  • impetigo (a skin infection that produces pus-filled blisters).

You should keep an eye on minor skin problems like spots, cuts or burns. If you have a wound that becomes infected you should see your doctor.

Bloodstream infections can cause:

  • septicaemia (blood poisoning),
  • septic shock (widespread infection of the blood that leads to a fall in blood pressure and organ failure),
  • severe joint problems (septic arthritis),
  • bone marrow infection (osteomyelitis),
  • internal abscesses anywhere within the body,
  • inflammation of the tissues that surround the brain and spinal cord (meningitis),
  • lung infection (pneumonia), and
  • infection of the heart lining (endocarditis).

The bacteria may even cause scalded skin syndrome and, very occasionally, toxic shock syndrome.

CitroxxTM formulations will NOT cure MRSA patients. However, the natural ingredients (bioflavonoids) in CitroxxTM have been found in independent tests to effectively kill MRSA. CitroxxTM is used in some hospitals for disinfection and hand protection. Using Ciroxx disinfectants will also reduce the risk of becoming infected from contaminated surfaces.

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