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CitroxxTM Food Treatment (and surfaces regularly in food contact)

Fresh produce is likely to be handled up to 20 times AFTER the supplier has washed it and before family consumption. As it is estimated that 80% of all infections are hand transmitted, it makes sense to clean your food. A recent study stated that a third of produce bought still contained traces of chemicals and pesticides from farming. Because these pesticides are designed to protect the crop, water alone will not remove them!

And another study found that over 40% of all fridges inspected contained dangerous germs.

With Citroxx, you can kill the harmful germs better than toxic, smelly chemicals, but in a safe way.

Kills germs on all food surfaces (eg egg shells, fruit, vegetables, meat) and places where food is stored (eg. Food containers, sandwich boxes, fridge shelves, carving boards, etc)

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